Living a healthier life with diabetes

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Diabetes doesn’t have to keep you from living a full and active life, but staying healthy does require learning about the disease and making certain lifestyle changes. Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) residential diabetes management program is designed to help you do that.
With our team of diabetes educators, you will learn about blood sugar control and how diabetes can affect your body when it isn’t carefully managed. We’ll teach you the importance of lifestyle choices in controlling the disease, such as modifying how you eat and keeping physically fit. Diabetes can affect many different aspects of your life, and our program will teach you important self-management skills to help keep you healthy.
We encourage family members to participate in our educational sessions as well so that your family can support you in your commitment to living a healthy and vibrant life with diabetes.

Our program’s fundamentals

We see ourselves as partners in helping you learn how to live the best and healthiest life possible while avoiding pitfalls that could lead to serious complications. You’re the one in charge of managing your condition, and we are here to help.

Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) diabetes educators start by sitting down with you and assessing your particular needs and concerns. We work with you to identify lifestyle goals and to develop a plan to help you meet those goals. We know this team approach makes a difference in how our patients feel and manage their conditions — we’ve seen it work!
Our program’s model standards are set by the American Diabetes Association and National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.


Some of the topics covered in the residential diabetes management program include:

  • Meal planning: We’ll teach you how to regulate your medications and meals to maintain good blood glucose and lipid levels. Our nutritional guidance will help you incorporate meal planning into your lifestyle in a way that is safe, convenient, and easy to do in your daily life.
  • Exercise: An active lifestyle is an important part of helping your body manage glucose levels. Your ​educator will explain guidelines for making a habit of regular, basic exercise and will teach you how and why you should adjust your medication and food intake to accommodate your increased physical activity.
  • Stress management: Participants will learn the importance of stress management in staying healthy and will learn tactics to relieve stress in their daily lives.
  • Medication management: If you’re on diabetes medication, counselors will explain the benefits and potential side effects of your medications, as well as the best way to take your medication to stabilize your glucose levels.
  • Insulin education: Individuals on insulin management will learn the ins and outs of this important and potentially life-saving treatment, including information about insulin injections, insulin pump therapy, carbohydrate counting, and hypoglycemia prevention.
  • Blood glucose monitoring: A key to good diabetes management is consistent self-monitoring of blood glucose levels. You will learn how to use meters to test your blood glucose, interpret the results, and what actions to take when the reading shows your blood sugar is too low or too high.
  • Prevention and treatment of potential complications: Complications of diabetes can impair your quality of life, but many can be avoided. You will learn which health habits are especially important in diabetes management, such as the proper care of the skin, feet, teeth, and gums and getting regular medical, dental, and eye checkups.
  • Problem-solving: The Diabetes Management Program will help you develop positive problem-solving skills to help you deal with the daily demands of diabetes. You’ll learn how to spot early warning signs of problems and learn the basics of how hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) are treated.

Which diabetics do we care for?

Though diabetes today is often a very manageable condition, it is a complex and potentially deadly disease requiring time, planning, and commitment by the people who live with it. Our program can equip you with some of the tools you need to stay active and healthy and avoid complications. The Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) residential diabetes management program is aggressive and can benefit people with the following conditions:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Newly diagnosed diabetes
  • Previously diagnosed diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Brittle diabetics

Join Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) and take charge of your health!

To get the benefits of Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) residential diabetes management program, contact your Regional Coordinator to request a referral to our home. You must be a NOW/COMP waiver member to enroll.
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