With us, you can ensure that we are able to provide your loved ones with the proper care that they need.

portrait of girl at work as nurse in medical clinic for seniors

At Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI), our staff has been trained and is equipped to manage some of the most difficult behaviors. These qualities make Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) “Just Right for Dad”. Particularly if Dad’s behavior has become argumentative, physical or difficult to manage without professional assistance and monitoring.

Over time, it has been challenging men – the husbands of wives left to manage the residuals of acute and the even gradual onset of Dementia, a disorder that typically comes with behavior and aggressive characteristics that can frustrate the most tolerable person.

Common types of challenging behaviors include self-injurious behaviors (such as hitting, headbutting, biting, scratching), aggressive behaviors (such as hitting others, headbutting, shouting, swearing, screaming, scratching others, spitting, biting, punching, kicking), inappropriate sexualized behaviors (such as public masturbation or groping), behaviors directed at property (such as throwing objects and stealing) and stereotyped behaviors (such as repetitive rocking or echolalia).

Community Care Home Inc. (CCHI) takes a robust approach to environment preparation and staff development for handling and managing individuals with difficult behaviors. This approach has paid off over the years and has given peace of mind to family members that were well-deserved.